GOD Loves You.

GOD says to you today, “You are not alone”! I am with you always. I will take care of you. Yes I the LORD will comfort you. You are my precious one. You may not always understand the reason why you had to go through all that you had to but you are chosen and anointed. I am always here my beloved and I will never leave you nor forsake you my precious one. Yes the enemy had sort to destroy you but I said No! And I raised a standard against him. You have been through the pressing and the precious oil has come out as a result of the crushing. But my sweet one, all has not been in vain because I will use it all for my glory. The oil has cost you so much but because you let me take you through this road, I will bless you beyond your imagination. Yes I will showcase you to the world that they may know that I am GOD and there is no other. I love you my sweet precious child. You are mine forever and I am yours.



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